Dr. Brian Wilson

Dr. Brian Wilson

Dr. Brian Wilson at Avera Medical Group Spencer - Advanced Gynecology & Surgery specializes in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.

Blog/Article posts by this Author:

  • Recognizing the Contributions of the Immortal Henrietta Lacks

    Dr. Brian Wilson, OB/Gyn specialist, shares how a young black woman, Henrietta Lacks, died from cervical cancer in 1951 but a sample of her cells survived, multiplied and were invaluable in health research. The discoveries from her cells led to the polio vaccine, gene mapping and IVF treatment, among others, and resulted in her being named the 'mother' of modern medicine. Learn more about this slice of American health history.

  • Guinea Pigs and Pap Smears

    In his latest blog, Dr. Brian Wilson shares insight on the discovery of the iconic pap smear and why it is now known to be the most significant cancer screening test for women.

  • An OB/GYN's perspective on COVID-19 vaccinations

    OB/Gyn Dr. Brian Wilson shares insight on the COVID-19 vaccine related to pregnancy and breast-feeding.

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