Jenna Jacobsen

Jenna Jacobsen

Jenna Jacobsen is one of Spencer Hospital’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. She graduated from Iowa State University and completed her dietetic internship at various locations throughout northwest Iowa, including Spencer Hospital. She currently works as an outpatient dietitian providing individualized nutrition therapy to patients of various health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, weight loss goals, and cancer patients. Jenna truly believes that nutrition plays an important role in patient’s health and is passionate about teaching lifelong eating habits to achieve overall health and wellbeing to her patients.

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  • Registered Dietitians: Healthcare Professionals Committed to your Nutrition Goals

    As we celebrate National Nutrition Month in March, Spencer Hospital Registered Dietitian, Jenna Jacobsen, sheds some light on the important role Registered Dietitians play in healthcare.

  • Hydrating Foods & Summer Heat

    Summer is here and the weather is attesting to the fact. As we approach 90-degree temperatures for the next couple of weeks, it reminds us of the importance of hydration. Since the majority of our bodies consist of water, it is extremely important to consume adequate fluids to help our body systems run more effectively.

  • Personalize Your Plate: Gauge Your Hunger

    March is National Nutrition Month with this year's theme being “Personalize Your Plate.” It is important to tailor your health and nutritional needs to what works best for your routine, which is often why individuals are unsuccessful in their “diet” attempts.

  • Heart Your Diet

    It's February! The month that sheds light on all things “heart” related, from Valentine's Day to American Heart Month. Heart disease is a leading cause of death for both men and women; but with lifestyle changes, you can help reduce your risk for heart-related complications.

  • Kombucha: Health or Hype?

    You may have seen this trendy drink gaining popularity recently, but this fermented tea has been around for centuries. With its claimed beneficial probiotics, antioxidants, and ability to help reduce stomach issues while boosting our immune system, it is no wonder this beverage has earned recognition.

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