Beth Hopkins Recognized as One of Iowa's 100 Great Nurses

posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Home health nurse Beth Hopkins was one of five Spencer Hospital nurses named among Iowa’s 100 Great Nurses in 2020. The 100 Great Iowa Nurses program identifies 100 outstanding nurses every year whose courage, competence, and commitment to patients and the nursing profession stand out above all others. These nurses go above and beyond to contribute significantly to the profession of nursing.


Beth has been a nurse for 22 years. She’s worked in many areas, at Spencer Hospital and for other entities, such as geriatric care, orthopedics and family practice medicine. In all, she’s worked at Spencer Hospital for 10 years.

Roles Beth has held with Spencer Hospital: 

At Spencer Hospital, Beth started in Same Day Services. She’s worked as an anesthesia technician, returned to Same Day and post-anesthesia recovery, and also worked in endoscopy. Currently, Beth is a home health and a hospice nurse with Hospice of Spencer Hospital.

What Beth loves about being a nurse:

“Nursing allows me to do things I love to do on a daily basis. I love to teach people about their health and how to maintain a healthy status. I also love to socialize and help people in need. If I can put a smile on someone’s face while providing care, then my day is complete. Then, back the next day to accomplish that again.”

What those who nominated Beth had to say about her:

Beth is the definition of what all nurses aspire to be. Her kindness, patience, and compassion make her an extraordinary nurse. She consistently exceeds expectations while caring for all of her home health patients; always completing tasks with a smile despite how difficult or time-consuming the situation may be.

Beth works long hours to ensure her patients are able to remain in their homes and out of the hospital or nursing home. She does not hesitate when asked to pick-up an extra shift or make an extra visit to a patient during the day. Beth acts as an advocate for her patients, ensuring all of their physical and emotional needs are being met. Whether it be assisting a patient with a therapy appointment or lab draw within the home in order to avoid the patient having to travel in inclement weather, to arranging Meals on Wheels for a patient who has a difficult time with meal preparation, or to educating a patient on how to take his or her medications appropriately, Beth goes above and beyond to provide extraordinary care for her patients.

She has a tremendous impact on the nursing profession because she gives patients the opportunity to feel empowered and become active participants in their health. I am confident when I say that all nurses in our department would be in agreement that Beth is “guru of home health."