Margaret Molitor Selected as One of Iowa's 100 Great Nurses

posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Margaret Molitor has been selected as one of Iowa’s 100 Great Nurses. Margaret is one of five Spencer Hospital nurses who received this distinguished honor and as such, is recognized as being a nurse who goes above and beyond to contribute significantly to the profession of nursing.


Margaret chose to become a nurse 16 years ago, after her first husband Jerry passed away following a battle with cancer.

Roles Margaret has held with Spencer Hospital: 

Margaret started on the medical-surgical unit and is dedicated and passionate about the care she provides to patients there.  On the medical-surgical floors, she has the opportunity to care for an array of patients – all ages and all types of health conditions. From patients hospitalized for a short stay post-surgery, to longer term swing bed patients, to those under hospice care. Margaret has been a preceptor to students and often orients new staff members.

What Margaret loves about being a nurse:

“It may sound corny, yet for me, touching people’s lives and having them touch mine is what I love most about nursing. Doing what I can to make a difference to others is important. I also like to do what I can to help them feel like smiling.”

What those who nominated Margaret had to say about him:

Margaret is an extraordinary nurse and she has affected so many people. Margaret is very active within the community and stays connected with her patients even after discharge. When Margaret cares for a patient, she gives them fun little rubber ducks to brighten their day. Even if Margaret isn’t taking care of a patient, when she gets a minute, she will stop in rooms to say hello to them and give them a rubber duck to brighten their day. Margaret will also give multiple ducks if she finds out the patient has children or grandchildren that would love them.

 Margaret’s acts of kindness stay with patients long after their discharge. Margaret has been named on multiple patient surveys, with comments such as: “Margaret was always willing to answer my questions and provided so much emotional support. I really appreciated the time she took to meet my needs. I still have my rubber ducks to remind me of her!”

She used her voice to advocate for her patients, to inform and educate them regarding their health needs, to bring a smile with a joke, and to entertain with a song. She accessorizes her nursing scrubs with fun seasonal earrings, pins or socks and is known for encouraging her co-workers to join her in the fun, to bring smiles to their patients’ faces. In the words of one of her patient fans: “Isn’t Margaret just the best nurse?!”