Lighten Up Your Holidays

posted by Darlene DeWitt, MS, RD, LD on Tuesday, December 14, 2021

This year, everyone is definitely looking for something to celebrate this holiday season. Celebration does not have to lead to holiday weight gain. 

With a little planning and preparation, you can savor the holidays and still manage to lighten up!


  • Skip the whip! You can easily save yourself 100 calories from that whipped cream. Another option would be to look for light versions.
  • Cut the fat! Use low fat or skim milk in your hot chocolate or even eggnog
  • Break it up! Drink a glass of water between each cocktail. It will fill you up and you will consume fewer calories.

The holiday meal:

  • Go for light meat! The breast meat of chicken/turkey or loin cuts of other meats are leaner options for protein.
  • Stick with special sides! Things like cranberry stuffing or favorite casseroles that are only made once a year would be options to savor. Save the things that are on the usual meal rotation for another time.


  • Sample Time! You don’t have to eat huge slices of dessert to enjoy them. Take time to really savor a smaller slice.
  • Share with someone! Splitting servings of desserts might allow you to try more things off the dessert table.


  • Don’t Skip! Skipping a meal so that you can have more at the holiday party just sets you up to overeat. Have a satisfying breakfast before that work party at lunch or your family dinner.
  • Map it out! Check out what is on the table first, then decide what things you can’t live without to fill your plate.

If you are looking for lighter holiday recipes, check out:

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